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Dalton Paper and Cover

Recent work with Hanna Boström and colleagues in Uppsala, and Ines Collings (Empa, Zurich) has been featured on the cover of Dalton Transactions. This paper reports spin crossover in a Prussian blue analogue (PBA) with high cooperativity induced by pressure and — unusually — X-ray irradiation. The cover artfully illustrates this using birds, bringing together Hanna's interest in wildlife, frameworks and high pressure diffraction!

When writing up this work Ines, Hanna and I noted how it neatly brings together the scientific interests of our shared doctoral supervisor, Prof. Andrew L. Goodwin (Oxford) and his father, Harold Goodwin (UNSW). Harold Goodwin was a world-expert on spin crossover properties, in particular Iron (II) complexes. We were saddened to hear of the passing of Harold this summer and, with thanks to the editorial office at Dalton, felt it important to add a dedication to this paper in his memory. Hopefully it is one small note to his life and work, and how we were inspired by him — "a humble man, of great integrity who was a very good supervisor of students" — and Andrew.


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