'Molecules' Special Issue

The special issue of Molecules "High–Pressure Behaviour of Solids: From Molecular Species to 3D-Framework Materials" is now online! This Special Issue of Molecules aims to cover a broad range of high-pressure investigations on molecular up to three-dimensional framework materials, focusing on high-pressure behaviour and the resulting properties or chemical changes. In the case of molecular materials, high-pressure studies reveal important intermolecular interactions for maintaining stability within each phase. Zeolites, coordination polymers as well as metal–organic frameworks are increasingly studied under pressure to investigate pressure-induced distortions that are of great importance for

Congratulations Muzi and Mingze!

Congratulations to Muzi and Mingze, this year's MSc students in the group who both received distinction marks in their research projects! Muzi's project investigated local structure in chain cyanides and Mingze worked on group 11 pseudo-cyanides. I look forward to seeing all of your future successes! Mingze Yang, Andrew and Muzi Chen pictured enjoying the 2019 Christmas Party

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